NICU Hospital | Neonatologist in Bhuj

Facilities Available

Pharmacy Services

Our 24 Hours Children's Pharmacy provides only the best and well renowned brands of all medicines for children.
In case the brand that your child specialist has prescribed is not available, an alternative brand will be provided by our pharmacists.
If you are in doubt, our pharmacists will be more than happy to clarify with your children's specialist on the phone.
In case a particular brand is not available in our Pharmacy, we will be happy to procure the same brand within one working day for you to pick up.

Laboratory and Diagnostics Services

Our Children's laboratory has the best child specific diagnostic labs.
In case of any blood tests, urine tests, X rays, Ultrasound or CT Scans or tests for heart/ brain ailments are suggested and prescribed by your child's doctor, our staff will help you with the process.
You will be escorted by our staff to our Laboratory Specimen Collection room/ Radiology Department where the appropriate samples/ tests are performed. The reports will be automatically dispatched to our Laboratory Report Collection counter for you to return and collect samples.

Amenities for Parents and Visitors

Restrooms (Toilets):
Separate Male and Female toilets exist and are well maintained by our House Keeping Staff. If you, by chance find any of our toilets in an unacceptable condition, please bring this to the notice of our staff and necessary action will be taken. If you need to change your baby's diaper, our staff will provide help and assistance. Just ask, that's all.
Our cafeteria serves nutritious meals, snacks and beverages all through the day. Food is prepared in the most hygienic way and served by our staff in a courteous and welcoming environment. We provide an array of dishes and snacks, suitable for both adults and children of all age groups. Please check with your table waiter regarding the menu. Snacks suitable for children are also provided.
Car Parking and Valet Service:
When you reach our hospital, there are clear signs directing you to our car park. If you need assistance, please ask our Security Staff or our Ambulance Drivers for help. If you need valet service, please ask and free valet service will be provided. Please be sure to remove any valuables inside your vehicle. Our staff will park your car safely in the Car Park. The hospital is not responsible for any damages to your vehicle during parking and exiting and the loss of any valuables left inside your car. In case of such an event, we will not be able to compensate for any such event.